The Yeti Trail: Invitation to Join a Pioneering Expedition through Nepal's Densest Jungles to the Base of the Fifth Highest Summit

Makalu - 5th Highest

Dear Friends of Future Generations Graduate School:

I invite you to join an "unusual" expedition - I cannot promise what we will find or what conditions will turn out to be. We shall take a new trail into jungle that has not been traveled before. You are invited to walk a trail that will in a few years have thousands of people taking this to "discover the yeti." Yes, it is hard to imagine this type of expedition in 2016 when people have gone almost everywhere.

The people who have built the trail will be our guides--aside from getting us to where we hope, they will astound us with splendid stories of both the trail construction and also the jungle it penetrates.

Word of caution - the trip could include rain, certainly mud, and changes of plans. I want to emphasize this point. This expedition will be full of surprises. The villagers are building the trail as I write this invitation - but they have just informed me that they have "punched through" to the head of the valley and that they are eager for us to share this route with us.

Daniel C. Taylor
Expedition Leader
Professor & Executive Director, Future Generations Graduate School Principal Initiator, Makalu-Barun National Park